Your friends simply swipe their mobile devices over the Pylon and the system quickly finds out their permissions and logs them in.

Communicates via NFC for NFC enabled devices, and via bump for all other devices.

easy install and set up

The Pylon and base station come pre-linked. The owner simply pairs the system with their phone and sets basic access levels. 

Intelligent WiFi for your Home
Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Where can I ask questions about Pylon?

    Head over to the Pylon blog for all of the latest updates and progress reports. We will be letting you know how the production process goes as well as allowing anyone to submit questions, comments and feedback about what they would like to see with Pylon.

  • Do I need to replace my old router with the Pylon?

    You can use Pylon alongside your current Router and use Pylon as a guest network, or you can hook Pylon to your modem and use Pylon as your wifi.

  • Can I have Pylon shipped internationally?

    Yes! Even though Pylon is mainly available in the United States, there are plans to move into the international market. We will gladdly ship to your country though.

  • What about non-mobile devices, such as laptops? Can my guests still log into my wifi with that?

    Yes. With such devices, they would simply connect to your network as is usual with a non-mobile device, then open up their browser. At this point Pylon would ask them to identify themselves. The authentication and permissions process would be the same as with a mobile device.

  • Is there video streaming available with Pylon?

    We are not currently offering supprt for streaming video, although we are testing drivers for other such products.

  • Does the wall mount need a power source?

    Currently, no. The NFC chip will not need to have a power source.

  • How do I install a Pylon?

    The Pylon and its base station come pre-linked. You simply download the Pylon App on your phone and hold your phone against the Pylon - The system will then recognize you as the owner. You can then start setting your access settings.

  • What colors are there available, and are they customizable?

    They are currently only available in black and white. We are looking into the possibility of making them more customizable with your logo and favorite sports team.


  • Is there a version available for my business?

    Yes, we are currently finishing up our business site. Stay tuned.

  • How secure is Pylon?

    We value security over everything at Pylon Products. All of your information about your visitors is kept on your Base station and is never shared with our servers..

  • What are the production plans for Pylon?

    The first generation of Pylon is currently in production. We are using a Raspberry Pi to for the Base Station.

  • What is the technology you are using for the Pylon?

    For the first Gen of Pylon we will be using a Raspberry Pi computer. The reason for this is to keep costs down. Future Gen will be reevaluating the usage.

  • What all is included with the Pylon?

    The Pylon will come with one wall mount and a base station. Additional wall mounts as well as Beacons can be purchased seperately..

  • How do I volunteer to be a beta tester for Pylon?

    Please fill out a request for beta testing in the contact page with the subject "Beta". We are always glad and looking for some testing..

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share with your family and friend

Set which of your friends and family have access to your network and for how long. You can, with a touch of a button, remove people from your network.